Share of Audio 2017

The GfK Share of Audio is the major comprehensive study of Australians’ audio consumption, undertaken annually by multinational research company GfK. The study is considered the authoritative report into the evolution of the audio sector in Australia.

The second annual Share of Audio study was conducted over a four week period, where  over I,500 respondents from a nationally representative sample in the five metropolitan capital cities completed online and paper diaries. Respondents completed a customised 24 hour audio diary for seven consecutive days, indicating what audio they engaged with.

2017 key findings:

  • Live Australian radio is the dominant audio platform accounting for 65.3% of time spent listening to audio, up from 64.9% in 2016.
  • Owned music accounts for the second largest share with 12.6% and streaming 11.0%.
  •  Live Australian radio has increased in share, largely to the detriment of owned music.
  • Time spent listening (TSL) to live Australian radio is over four times higher than the combined time spent listening to streaming services (Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music).
  • Australians consume an average of 3 hours 20 minutes of audio each day and 2 hours 10 minutes of this is spent listening to live Australian radio, compared to 15 minutes listening to Spotify, 3 minutes to Apple Music and 2 minutes to Pandora.
  • Live Australian radio is the leading audio platform for all demographics including 10-17 and 18-24 year olds.
  • 68.4% of Australians listen to live Australian radio daily, four times the daily reach of the combined streaming services.
  • Live Australian radio has the highest daily reach with younger audiences of all audio platforms.
  • 87.6% of Pandora listeners, 81.6% of Spotify listeners, 76.6% of Apple Music are reached by live Australian radio each week
Audio categories included in the 2017 study are: live Australian radio, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, radio apps (e.g. iHeartRadio/TuneIn, RadioAPP), online music videos, TV music channels, audio books, podcasts, owned music and other audio.

For more information, please email Briony McLean (Research & Insights Strategist) or on 02 9281 6577.

This data may not be used for, or in association with, any commercial purposes without Commercial Radio Australia’s prior consent.


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