Deloitte  - Connecting Communities Report 2023

The Connecting Communities Report: The economic and social contribution of commercial radio & audio in Australia Report evaluates the impact of commercial radio on GDP and the role of commercial radio in delivering trusted, local content to listeners all over the country.
Highlights of the report, commissioned by Commercial Radio & Audio and produced by Deloitte Access Economics, include that commercial radio’s 260 Australian stations annually:
  • Contributes $1 billion annually to the Australian GDP
  • Provides a $320 million annual boost to regional Australia
  • Produces 1.1 million hours of local content, across broadcast, streaming and podcasts
  • Plays 160,000 hours of Australian music, or 2.7 million Australian songs
  • Broadcast 42,000 hours of news and 2,200 hours of emergency service content
  • Supports 6,600 full time jobs, with 38% in regional Australia
The report draws on data from a range of sources including a citizen survey, existing CRA research, consultation with various stakeholders, broader desktop research and an industry survey of CRA member stations.

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