15 May 2024

Australian Podcast Ranker - April

The Australian Podcast Ranker has been released by Commercial Radio and Audio (CRA) and Triton Digital. Below are the top five charts for April. The complete charts can be viewed here.
Australian Podcast Ranker top five podcasts for April 2024
      Podcast Producer Monthly Listeners
1 Hamish & Andy LiSTNR (SCA) 918,977
2 Casefile True Crime Audioboom 814,928
3 ABC News Top Stories Australian Broadcasting Corporation 668,722
4 Mamamia Out Loud Mamamia 547,801
5 Shameless Shameless Media 527,448
Australian Podcast Ranker top five genres for April 2024
     Genre Monthly Listeners
1 Society & Culture 4,411,006
2 News 3,932,702
3 True Crime 3,820,224
4 Comedy 3,506,896
5 Sports 3,431,151
Australian Podcast Ranker top five podcast publishers for April 2024
     Publisher Monthly Listeners
1 ARN/iHeart 4,502,226
2 LiSTNR (SCA) 3,670,817
3 Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2,334,419
4 Audioboom 2,188,572
5 SiriusXM Podcast Network 2,100,047
Top five sales representatives by monthly listeners in Feb 2024
    Sales representatives Publishers represented Listeners
1 LiSTNR (SCA) LiSTNR (SCA), Schwartz Media, SiriusXM Podcast Network, audiochuck, Wondery/DM Podcasts, NBCUniversal News Group 7,293,169
2 ARN/iHeart ARN, iHeartMedia, Audioboom, AdLarge Media, Sport Social Podcast Network, The Investors Podcast Network, All Ears English, Sony Music, Clubby Sports, NZME, TED, The Athletic 6,913,566
3 NOVA Entertainment NOVA Entertainment, News Corp Australia,  Podshape 2,287,156
4 News Corp Australia News Corp Australia 1,645,825
5 Mamamia Mamamia 1,262,624
About the Australian Podcast Ranker
The Australian Podcast Ranker is a monthly snapshot of the top 200 podcasts listened to by Australians, the top 200 Australian podcasts, the 20 biggest publishers and the 20 most successful podcast sales representatives.
The Australian Podcast Ranker is an industry initiative commissioned by CRA and published by Triton Digital. Results comply with IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines.