Regulation & Codes

Commercial Radio Code Of Practice

The BSA provides that the relevant industry bodies (CRA on behalf of the Commercial Radio industry), develop in consultation with the ACMA, the Commercial Radio Code of Practice which is applicable to the commercial radio broadcasters. The Code is formulated in consultation with the CRA membership and is then registered by the ACMA.

Click here to view the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice.

The ACMA includes a code in its register if:

  • it is satisfied that it provides appropriate community safeguards for the matters covered; and
  • it is represented as being endorsed by a majority of providers of broadcasting services in that particular industry sector; and members of the public have had an opportunity to comment.

Commercial Radio Guidelines

Commercial radio broadcasters are also encouraged to use the following guidelines when producing content - here.

Please note that these guidelines do not form part of the Commercial Radio Code of Practice.


The ACCC published its own Media Code of Conduct in October 2016, a copy of which may be found here.

For more information, please contact Sarah Kruger (Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs) at or 02 9281 6577.